Selfie Tarasov and his bride with a sick daughter Danko irritated

Селфи Тарасова и его невесты с больной дочкой Данко вызвало раздражение
The footballer helped the family of the singer.

Dmitry Tarasov, Anastasia Kostenko, wife Danko Natalia and her daughters Agatha and Sophia

Photo: @tarasov23 Instagram Dmitriy Tarasov

Dmitry Tarasov made a noble deed, which did not assess Internet users. The footballer and his fiancee recently visited the singer Danko, raising a child with the disease. Agatha, the youngest daughter of artist — cerebral palsy. “I stopped to visit with his beloved family who needs help! Thanks for the great hospitality!” wrote an athlete and he posted a selfie with the girl.

It would seem the behavior Tarasova, who is concerned about the fate of sick children, should cause admiration in the Network. But instead of Dmitri and Anastasia called “posers”. They say that they did it only for PR. “In a strange way. Sit flaunt with happy faces on the background of the child”, “when doing good are silent about this”, “it is Difficult to imagine Konstantin Khabensky, who also would do a selfie with all who helped, And why to advertise it!? If you do good, do it quietly!” — suggest Tarasov.

In fact, it should be noted that Dmitry is not just arrived on a visit to the singer and took a selfie, and made a remarkable donation to the Fund “Gift angel”, a member of the Board who is Danko. Thanks to the help of Tarasova obtained financial aid for 11 needy children. Among them was the youngest daughter of the artist. “Friends, it seems silly to throw mud at the man who came to us on the Foundation website and helped 11 needy children! Agatha was one of these children, who through dime will have the chance. Thank you for helping, for your respect, compassion and huge heart!” — responded to the criticism Tarasova Fund managers.