Селена Гомес закрутила новый роман из мести Джастину Биберу
The singer is trying to pretend that I’ve forgotten the ex-boyfriend.

Селена Гомес закрутила новый роман из мести Джастину Биберу

Selena Gomez


Caleb Stevens

Photo: Instagram

Just a few days
after news that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber suddenly got engaged
with Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez appeared in public with a new Beau. 25-year-old
the singer was photographed walking through the streets of new York with a handsome young man. The singer and her companion animatedly chatted and flirted
with each other.

New boyfriend Selena were Caleb Stevens, brother and best friend of the singer — Raquel
Stevens. Gomez and her new boyfriend have already seen
together a bit earlier they appeared together at the Taylor swift concert, and recently he joined the company of friends, with whom Selena was riding

Most likely, Gomez
puts incredible effort to show that she’s not
touched by news of the engagement of Bieber who recently swore that Selena was the love of
his life. She struggles to pretend
already forgotten Justin. Meanwhile, friends of the singer claim that Gomez was
deeply shocked by the news that Bieber had proposed to Haley
less than a month after they started Dating.