Селена Гомес пытается помириться с Беллой Хадид

Селена Гомес пытается помириться с Беллой Хадид

A few days ago the famous American singer Selena Gomez has a second to sign in Instagram the official page of Bella Habib. After subscription it is immediately noted in the review of the model where the girl is posing for Dior.

Selena did not write a long review, but just left a word: “awesome.” After Bella saw this comment, she immediately deleted the post, thereby very upsetting Gomez.

A screenshot of the comment made fans of Selena, they are also told the singer about a remote post. His frustration Gomez to hide and say to his fans: “that sucks.”

This behavior of the model caused deep resentment on the singer. The fact that Bella still can’t forgive Selene, her affair with a famous artist The Weeknd. For a long time, Hadid was in a relationship with the singer even went to the wedding, but due to the heavy graphics of a girl, they had to leave. The gap is very difficult was the celebrity, but what was her surprise when she learned a month later that her ex-boyfriend is already in a new relationship with Selena. She immediately commented on the relationship of the new couple and said that Gomez is behaving extremely beautiful. At the moment Selena is trying all efforts to achieve remission, but the model is, apparently, decided not to surrender their positions. Hadid has always been a proud and independent woman, knowing to itself the price.

By the way, before, these two girls were following each other on Instagram, however, right after Bella found out about the relationship The Weeknd and Selena, she unsubscribed from singer. And indeed, Gomez has followed that same pattern. What is now the singer of the desired friendly relations with the model, we still do not know. However, all of the fans support the celebrity and believe that she had only good intentions, but Bella they condemned for such an act. “She was too rough with Selena. Kindness is not about her,” he wrote to fans.

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