Селена Гомес заподозрила бойфренда в измене
Abel Tesfay fun with the controversial model.

Selena Gomez and the lead singer “The Weekend”

Photo: @selenagomez Instagram Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has had to endure recently
big disappointment. The fact that the media leaked information about what
her favorite is very fun to spend time in Ireland, and not one, but in society
local models, which enjoys notoriety — ava van rose.

As it became known, arrived on tour in
Dublin, boyfriend Selena Weekend, whose real name is Abel Tesfay, not long missed in

One of the first evenings he saw in the restaurant in the hotel which
he stopped the owner of magnificent forms — 26-year-old van Rosen. As told
subsequently, one of the members of his retinue, Abel remembered that I had seen online this is very popular
on some sites, the beauty and sent in his assistant with an offer to join his company. And after Ava with
enthusiastically agreed, they went to a nearby bar, where he sat alone
late. And at the end “get-togethers”, and even invited to his room at Westbury Hotel
supposedly to continue the party…

Of course, when this story appeared in
Network, Selena was taken aback. After all, until recently she bragged to
girlfriends that Abel literally carries her in his arms and treats her like
Princess… Gomez did not regret a single minute that was accompanied by her boyfriend
during part of his world tour. Here in Ireland it
did not go. And as it has appeared, absolutely in vain. Just now Gomez
his thoughtless boyfriend, time will tell.

romance Selena with Abel began just a little more
than six months ago. But it developed very rapidly. During this time, Gomez
even managed to introduce him to his mother Mandy, and she applauded the choice
daughter. “I see that she’s happy and that makes me happy!” —
commented on Mandy’s familiarity with the Weekend.