Селена Гомес начинает новую жизнь с новой прически

Change hairstyle and appearance girls always attaches special importance. If we have beautiful hair, shears them, curl, or building up, you know — life changes in the offing. At least, we think so and we are striving for.

Before Selena Gomez was a happy owner of a lush and thick hair. Now it’s the opposite – the singer had cut her hair short, left shoulder-length. About changing hairstyles Gomez the press found out immediately because the girl is now conducted almost round the clock surveillance in connection with her affair with singer the Weeknd.

Journalists want to find out new details of these relationships, but so far they failed.

Meanwhile, Selena’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber assures the public that no affair between the performers there. Bieber believes that the novel is a carefully planned PR stunt: “do Not take everything seriously, it’s just “fake”. Selena just uses Abel for self-promotion, as it has always done with me and with their former Boyfriends Nick Jonas, Zedd and others…”