Selena Gomez spoke about the new style of Taylor swift

Cелена Гомес высказалась о новом стиле Тейлор Свифт

Fans have long realized that singer Taylor swift will not be pleased with their melodious and peaceful country, because now she takes the driving pop. On a new role and the album “Reputation” which will be released on 10 November this year, has been a friend of the singer Selena Gomez who is very close with the new style of the performer.

Cелена Гомес высказалась о новом стиле Тейлор Свифт

“Obviously, I love her very much and want her to do what she’s doing and she is doing a great job. It’s everything you could want and more, and, of course, I’m her biggest fan.” according to Selena in an interview for Apple Music. “Honestly, it’s all very inspiring. It’s great when you are surrounded by people who simultaneously motivate and change so that they themselves begin to dictate the style — whether it’s music or acting — which they like. And she’s one of those who manage it so well.”continues Gomez.

According to a recent clip of Taylor, Look What You Made Me Do, you can understand that from former pretty girls have nothing left, because now the artist is not afraid to be naked and to perform the role of cyborg in his futuristic clip. Clearly, this subject she really likes and she will continue to practice it in their future work.

Cелена Гомес высказалась о новом стиле Тейлор Свифт

Surprisingly, the album hasn’t even managed to leave, but the fans have already managed to create hype around the new clip of the singer. As soon as it was released the first teaser video for the song Look what you made me do, fans noticed the similarity with the visual album Beyonce. Fans noted one scene in the clip where Taylor stands in the middle, and behind it there is dancers in black suits. This caused fans of the misunderstanding, because the same scene was in the Beyonce video for the song Formation. To this criticism I decided to answer the Director of the teaser to the clip Taylor. “I worked with beyoncé several times. She is incredible. Video for the song Look What You Made Me Do not like her. I love and respect Bey,” writes Joseph in his account in social networks.

It appeared in her videos a lot more subtext than it seems. Crafty fans also suggested that the video for this song was dedicated to the enemies swift Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It all began with an unpleasant incident in 2009 when Taylor went to his reward on stage MTV VMА. But this was not to happen, because the rapper interrupted the singer and stated that award was to get Beyonce. But it didn’t stop there, because in 2016 Kanya again expressed his dislike for the actress, saying in one of his songs that he made her famous.

But her friend the whole album please not going, but recently, on October 25 released a clip of Wolves which has already gained more than 7 million views. As she said the performer, the tracks had accumulated on the two plates, so it remains to choose the best and create a full album.