Selena Gomez spoke about her wonderful healing

Селена Гомес рассказала о своем чудесном излечении
25-year-old singer is finally growing up.

Селена Гомес рассказала о своем чудесном излечении

Selena Gomez

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Selena Gomez, who celebrated this
in the summer of his 25th birthday, is pleased
the fact that I finally felt grown up. “I feel free now — not what it used to. I don’t feel the dependence from anyone, or anything,
and that makes me happy!” said Gomez. Now the singer is all good —
she has been on the rise in his career and
meets his favorite — Abel Tesfaye.

“It’s amazing how much has changed in my
life in just one year!” — said the singer in an interview she gave on the
days. After all, last summer she was on
nervosa the verge of a major breakdown, and it seemed to her that her life is over. The thing
the fact that the singer struggled with a serious autoimmune disease — lupus,
which she was diagnosed with several years ago. And side effects of treatment
caused her severe depression.
Because of his condition, she even had to cancel all their concerts.

So when Selene suggested to go to
the clinic for 90 days, she had no choice but to accept, although it
warned that treatment there will require effort. First of all,
patients confiscated all phones and other electronic devices, and
they were forbidden to maintain any contacts with the outside world. The first time
as admitted Selena, she’s the habit was very difficult. “But then, as it is
surprisingly, I felt that you feel refreshed, rested and
much more calm!” — said Gomez.

All three months of his treatment of Selena spent
far from civilization in rural
the area where was located the clinic.
Patients walked a lot, took a course “out hippotherapy” is a method of treatment by
communication with horses, reportedly very effective in the treatment of nervous
disorders. During the stay in the hospital, Selena is so “merged with nature” that
back in civilization seemed to her strange. “Imagine, three
months I never thought about how to do manicure or hairstyle – all
it seemed superfluous and unnecessary…” — admitted the singer. “By the way, now that I returned my phone, I
I use it not too often, just to maintain contact with the few
the closest people!” — says Selena.

Selena Gomez with Abel Tesfalem

Photo: Zuma/TASS