Selena Gomez shocked fans with his new image

Селена Гомес шокировала фанатов своим новым имиджем
The singer was unrecognizable.

Селена Гомес шокировала фанатов своим новым имиджем


Selena Gomez has posted in
his microblog new photos, which made a strong impression on her
fans. On it the singer, who lost his beautiful hair, looks almost
unrecognizable. This is a photo of Selena, which is often called the Queen of Instagram, managed
browse the more than 3 million of its subscribers — from 118 millions, regularly
visiting her page. But not everyone liked the new image of the singer.

Although some felt that short
haircut is Selena, the other she just was terrified. “God, Selena, is it
you??? Where’s your lovely hair?” — wrote one of their distressed fans
singer. And another noticed that hair Gomez completely lost its
personality. Although some of the fans of Selena expressed the hope that the singer
was just making fun of them and actually she didn’t cut her ruthlessly
a luxurious head of hair, but only have used a good wig. Others
came to the conclusion that Gomez did so out of solidarity with his new
boyfriend — singer Windom, who also got rid of the long hair which
wore before.

Recall that Windom (it
real name Abel Tesfay) Gomez was first seen in January of this year. And
since then, their romance develops swiftly and the pair became practically inseparable.
Gomez was accompanied by a favorite in the concert trips, constantly appeared with him in
restaurants… Recently Selena and Wind you two have fun together at a music festival
Coachella, and recently “lit up” at a concert together
John Mayer in Los Angeles.