Selena Gomez shared the recipe for his miraculous healing

Селена Гомес поделилась рецептом своего чудесного исцеления
The singer stayed without a phone for three months.


During his recent interview, Selena Gomez told us how she managed
to overcome a serious crisis as their physical and psychological state.
As it became known, the problems Gomez was linked, for the most part
effects treatment of lupus — a serious autoimmune disease that
found her doctors. This story was told the website

This summer, fans of Selena Gomez seriously feared for the singer, especially
after she admitted this summer that close to a nervous breakdown. But, fortunately,
a dark stripe in life, Selena seems to have left behind. In any case, when
it came after a big break on the American Music Awards, it was impossible not to notice that she is in great shape.

As told by the singer, almost all the three months that she didn’t show up for
the audience, Gomez spent in the hospital, where they recovered their health. Curiously,
the doctors put her on stay condition: she must at the time of treatment to refuse
from using all electronic devices, including a cell phone!

First, as admitted Selena, she’s the habit was very difficult. “But
then, surprisingly, I felt that you feel refreshed,
rested and much more relaxed! And although I already returned my phone
now I use them not too often, just to maintain contact with
a few of its most close people. Now that I have a little
free time, I use it quite differently: cook, myself or
just go take a NAP!” — said Gomez.