Selena Gomez radically changed her image

Селена Гомес кардинально сменила имидж

Selena Gomez never complained about the fact that she is not quite thick or long hair. on the contrary, lush hair was her pride, and even helped to change the face of care products for hair from Pantene. But, following the fashion trends, Selena decided on a change and hair cut. Gomez went on a radical change of image and made his quads.

Of course, their updated appearance of Selenium could not share with the subscribers, which were divided into two camps: one like the change in appearance of their favorite, others noted that without the length, Selenium itself at stole sexuality and femininity.

But still it remains a mystery what prompted Gomez to make such drastic changes in your image. Some netizens linked the “transformation” of the singer with the recent release of the series “13 reasons why”, producer of which it is. In particular, the main character of the story, Hannah Baker, in the middle of the story makes the master, thus trying to emphasize that her life began a new phase. Just like in life, Selena. The girl blossomed after the beginning of the novel with the musician The Weeknd, and has even matured to a joint post with him a selfie to Instagram.

By the way, just recently Selena posted a photo with her lover, which has already beaten her previously set record for number of “likes”.