Selena Gomez: “My kidneys failed, I could die…”

Селена Гомес: «Мои почки отказали, я могла умереть…»
The singer burst into tears, remembering a difficult moment of his life.

Селена Гомес: «Мои почки отказали, я могла умереть…»

Selena Gomez


Talking about his illness, aggravated in
this year, at a recent TV show, 25-year-old Selena Gomez could not hold back tears. “It was
the moment when you really decided: I’m going to live or die. My kidneys have failed,
I urgently needed a transplant. My condition did not allow me to wait, but
asking someone to give me a kidney. I didn’t mean…” — said Gomez.

Fortunately for the singer, she didn’t have to anyone
ask. Selena’s Friend Francia Risa
she offered to share with Gomez a vital organ. Fortunately, the operation
went quite well — both for the singer and for her donor.

“I have no words to Express my
thanks to my wonderful friend of Francia. She gave me a gift,
on her part, was unusually generous sacrifice. I love you so much, sister!” —
Gomez wrote under the photo, which shows the two girls to the hospital
beds. As it became known later, Francia
categorically refused to accept from Selena money or compensation in any
another form. “I did it for our friendship and happy that we were able to save
life!” said Risa.

As explained Selena, emergency situation
her health has developed because of the disease, which doctors have found Gomez in
2015-th year. We are talking about the severe autoimmune disease — lupus, because
which Gomez was forced last year to cancel your tour and for a few
months to interrupt their career.

Selena Gomez and Francia Risa