Селена Гомес потрясена помолвкой Джастина Бибера
The singer doesn’t believe that Justin really loves his bride.

Селена Гомес потрясена помолвкой Джастина Бибера

Selena Gomez


As told to the reporter
edition Hollywoodlife one of the girlfriends Selena Gomez, the singer in shock
from news about the engagement of Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin. Selena still can’t believe that Justin, with whom she
broke up a little over three months ago, ready to marry someone else! After all
at parting, he cried, he swore eternal love to her and claimed that he could not
live without her…

Selena was convinced that Justin
couldn’t fall in love again so soon and so seriously. She is sure that he actually just wants
to force her to torture, cruelly forcing him to be jealous of Haley. At the same time — and even
to prove that he really had time to Mature and is ready to be married
man. As for his betrothal, the betrothal is not a wedding.
Engagement can and break!

Recall, Selena and Justin,
which last met intermittently for three years, had resumed its
novel last fall. In order to reunite with Bieber
I broke up with her former boyfriend — Abel Thisteam that literally
wore it on my hands, and whom she was going to marry. While fans
Selena took solace in the hope that they will reconcile. Because, as you hinted then
singer, she did not consider her breakup with Bieber final. She thought that perhaps
they just need time to sort out their relationships and in themselves.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin