Селена Гомес отдыхает в Австралии без Джастина Бибера

Selena Gomez went on vacation to Australia and first appeared in the lenses of the paparazzi after her breakup with Justin Bieber. In Sydney Selena led the conference Hillsong Church, a member of which is Justin.

Селена Гомес отдыхает в Австралии без Джастина Бибера

The conference starts today, March 19, and runs until March 21. Before that Selena spent the day with friends on the boat that captured paparazzi.

Recall that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber once again pause in the relationship. Attention to personality not like Selena, because she wants to concentrate on family and to establish a relationship with the mother.

“Selena and Justin decided to leave, mostly because of mom Selena and her relationship to Justin. His family loves Selena, but the singer’s family took the news about their reunion in arms because they don’t trust him. Selena tries to convince them that Justin has changed a lot… But her family is not ready to believe it.
Her relationship with Justin really affected the relationship with her mother. Selena can’t to this calmly, but Mandy has always been like best friends. Mandy is still worried about the surgery, her daughter and remembers some serious complications she had. She doesn’t want feelings for Justin again affected the health of Selena. Justin and Selena decided to give her family time, this is not the final breakup,” sources say.

“It takes time to understand how to live the life she wants, but not to react so strongly to attention,” — said the source and said that Selena is now concentrated on myself.

Now the performer is very important to find a balance in yourself and focus on your health, because she just recently graduated from therapy. Gomez graduated from a two-week treatment program at a clinic in new York. The actress turned to in order to cope with depression and other psychological problems.

“We are talking about physical and mental health and nutrition. Selena spent in the hospital for about two weeks, during which sometimes left the hospital for work. Selena feels great,” says a source close to the singer.