Селена Гомес в Каннах: «Социальные сети ужасно влияют на наше поколение»

In Cannes held a press conference where Selena Gomez, Tilda Swinton and bill Murray presented the Comedy “the Dead don’t die.” 26-year-old Gomez said of the “horrible” effects of social networking on her generation.

Selena Gomez can not boast of success in social networks: only on instagram on her profile signed more than 150 million people. Despite the success, the singer believes the impact of social networking detrimental to its generation. Star believes that the development of society, the Internet has reached the point where to do stay safe on the Internet is impossible. Selena urged to take a break from social networking.

“My generation was particularly affected due to the influence of social. This is awesome as a platform, but what scares me is how in the network of open young boys and girls. It’s really dangerous,” says Selena at the conference.

Selena herself has a huge audience of people, making it responsible for the safety of the users. The singer said that the social network reached a peak point and they have no way to make it safer. “I’m grateful that we have our own platform. I don’t post lots of pointless photos. As for me, posts should be meaningful. I see these young girls on the fan meetings and I understand that they are oppressed by the bullying and lack of ability to speak.”

But all is not lost! Star advised to put temporary restrictions to social networks in less time, as does she. Gomez is quite popular in social network, as noted by the fans. They also wished to know how it turns out the singer and what she does in order to get as many subscribers. “I have no tactics, — has told Selenium, — I Have no apps for editing photos on your phone. It’s just a number, and it’s crazy that people are so obsessed with this number.”

Recently the star has experienced depression and was treated by specialists. “Selena is feeling much better after she had specifically disappeared almost three months ago. Over the past year her health has deteriorated, and that happened so quickly between Justin and Hailey, even more made her sick. She was tired of people asking her how she’s doing, so she lay down on the floor to work on yourself. Whenever she gets too badly, Selena takes a break and always feels better. She takes care of herself and recovering emotionally,” admitted the insider portal Hollywood Life.

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