Selena Gomez hung out all night at a party in the style of the 90s and Camille Cabello and Shawn Mendes

Селена Гомес тусила всю ночь на вечеринке в стиле 90-х с Камилой Кабелло и Шоном Мендесом

Селена Гомес тусила всю ночь на вечеринке в стиле 90-х с Камилой Кабелло и Шоном Мендесом

Night in the style of the 90s! Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes and their friends were like a blast from the past for the birthday of their famous friends.

10 Nov 27-year-old Selena Gomez looked like he just flew in from the 90s in your long black dress and bouffant hair for the night. The singer of the song “Lose You To Love Me” published in its history, in Instagram video, which shows subscribers your retro image. Making hair, Selena took a selfie, which showed her glossy makeup and interesting hair. Her hair was covered with soft curls and a few strands just fell into her face, as was fashionable in the distant 90-ies. “Night in the style of the 90s…”, — she signed the photo. Later that evening, Selena was observed in the other video, which was filmed by her friend raquelle Stevens. Video shot by her friend wore a congratulatory nature, as later it was sent with the best wishes of their friend Julia Michaels, which on 13 November marks 26 years! The celebration was also joined by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, who danced all night and had fun at the party in the style of the 90s!”

Селена Гомес тусила всю ночь на вечеринке в стиле 90-х с Камилой Кабелло и Шоном Мендесом

From Camila and Sean’s was certainly a lot of reasons why to celebrate in addition to birthday Julia, because the same evening they received a number of awards at the ceremony People’s Choice! It should be said that Selena recently began to pay a lot of attention to his page in Instagram and regularly throws up new photos and videos. She very often talks about his favorite friends. For example, recently, on 8 November, the singer of the hit “Bad Liar” and praised the 50-year-old actress Jennifer aniston, when the star “Morning Show” showed her face without makeup. This post found an incredible response in the network. A lot of celebrities and fans left comments under it!

Selena’s getting attention not only to your friends, it does not shy side and their relatives. It should be recalled that at the premiere of Frozen II L. A. at the Dolby Theatre on 7 November Selena appeared with his six year old sister, Gracie Tifa. Sisters dressed for the occasion outfits princesses. Their dresses shimmered with sequins, and a fabulous trench coats gave their outfits a truly miraculous way. Selena and her sister thus wanted to pay tribute to Arendelle, the fictional Frozen Kingdom, inspired by a European country! But that was not all! Like Selena and Gracie was just unreal braided braids, a La Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from the movie! It was really a delightful sight!

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