Селена Гомес установила новый рекорд в Instagram

The undisputed leader among the stars in the social network Facebook is Shakira. Activity page of the singer followed more than 100 million users.

But if we talk about Instagram, then such successes, she can not boast. To compete with Beyonce and Kim Kardashian who have more than 90 million subscribers. But even they are far from that figure, which boasts Selena Gomez.

This young star has set a new Instagram record, collecting on his page an army of 110 million followers.

“Thank you for 110. Will continue to your page and to tell you the truth, and most importantly – know each of you changed my life. I am extremely grateful,” wrote the star.

To do this, she didn’t even have to get pregnant like Beyonce, for example.

By the way, Beyonce is a record of the social network. A photo of her, with which she announced her pregnancy, she gained 10.5 million “likes”. Incredible and unattainable result for many.