Selena Gomez has found a way to get back at Justin Bieber

Селена Гомес нашла способ отомстить Джастину Биберу
The singer spun a new novel.

Селена Гомес нашла способ отомстить Джастину Биберу

Selena Gomez

Photo: Instagram

Andrea Iervolino


Selena Gomez didn’t suffer alone after
she again dumped Justin Bieber. Recently Italian
reporters managed to “catch” her in Rome in the company of a new Beau. It appeared to be
a very impressive 30-year-old actor and film producer Andrea Iervolino.

The singer and her new boyfriend were wandering together through the streets of the city, and when tired, he continued his walk on the trishaw. As
it turned out, Selena and Andrea already know each other. They met in 2016, when
both worked in the same film project. Andrea was the producer of westerns “And progravshih boy” and played Selena in the film one of the roles.
They immediately made each other strong impression. But then Selena
had suffered greatly due to the collapse of the first “round” of her romance with Bieber, and was not in the mood to start a new novel. But now
she decided not to fall into despair and to show Justin that perfectly can
to do without it.

Incidentally, in his little revenge public demonstration
new boyfriend — Gomez pushed himself Bieber. The fact that the last couple of weeks
he appears everywhere with the “successor” Selena model Haley
Baldwin, the niece of Alec Baldwin. Moreover, if at the time when Justin
met with Selena, he too often showed his feelings to his beloved
in public, with Haley, he was probably just posing for the paparazzi. Anyway, reporters will not occur
issues in order to take pictures of him kissing and embracing the new
girlfriend in public.

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