Selena Gomez had a serious operation on the kidneys

Селена Гомес перенесла тяжелую операцию на почках The singer has posted a photo taken in the hospital. She admitted that due to health problems was forced to take a pause in her musical career. Fans were quick to support the girl and wished her a speedy recovery.

Selena Gomez has many years of struggling with lupus. Due to the severe symptoms she has several times interrupted the concert. In the summer of 2017, she stopped releasing new songs and to appear in videos.

This has worried fans of the actress, but Selena was in no hurry to make an official statement. Only on 14 September, the girl confirmed that it was again in a hospital bed.

“Yes, I was really missing this summer because of lupus. It turned out, I need to make an urgent kidney transplant. I refused performances for their own health. I want to thank my family and team of doctors that was close in this difficult time,” said Gomez in Instagram.

She posted several photos where the visible scar on her stomach. Fans were shocked by the news. Many of them were not even aware that the state of health of a star so bad. “God, it’s a nightmare. Please get well soon”, “I Hope the operation will help and you will soon be back on the scene”, “Selena, you’re strong. Know that we are with you,” wrote the fans of the actress.

One of the photos, which were published by Selena, she depicted a girl lying on a nearby hospital bed. It turned out that the stranger’s name is Francia rice, and she became an organ donor for Gomez.

“I am very grateful to my friend of Francia because she went to such a sacrifice. This is the best gift and I feel incredibly happy. The disease is still there to do, it is incurable, but now my health does not cause any concern”, – said the singer.

Selena has for many years lead the fight against lupus. She also engaged in educational activities. The girl talks about the peculiarities of diagnosis and effective treatments. The singer often visits patients having the same diagnosis, helping them cope with the disease.

Fans do not get tired to admire how bravely Gomez brings health problems. The girl refuses to go out and continue to give concerts. Fans note that even in the most difficult periods of life, the artist never ceases to smile.