Selena Gomez had a kidney transplant

Селене Гомес пересадили почку

A famous singer Selena Gomez this summer, suffered a dangerous kidney transplant, which she needed because of the diagnosis of lupus. The star has reported this shocking news through your profile on instagram. Donor girl was her friend actress Francia rice.

Селене Гомес пересадили почку

Recently, fans noticed that she is not particularly engaged in music and rarely appeared in public. “Probably many of my fans have noticed that for some time I didn’t do the work and never promoted his music. The thing is that I decided on kidney transplant, which took me for lupus.” said the star in the message under the photo in instagram. it depicts the Selana Gomez in a hospital bed. She holds the hand of his girlfriend, who dared such a bold step.

The girl reported that the operation was successful and she is recovering. “Now I’m on the mend. I want to thank my family and the hospital staff for their help and support, for all that they did for me before, during and after a complicated operation. And maybe I even have not enough words of gratitude for a good friend of France, Raisa, because she donated me her kidney. I love you so much,” writes Selena.

Селене Гомес пересадили почку

The first news about the star diagnosis was known in 2013. Then the fans found out that Selena was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that affects connective tissue in the body. In 2015, Gomez dared to open up and talk in an interview with Billboard that after the diagnosis of lupus, she had to undergo difficult chemotherapy, which has hit not only for physical health but also psychological. She had to take a break in a musical career that would take care of your health and not allow the stroke to overtake her. In the end, the star is faced with the side effects of the disease — depression and panic attacks.

Treatment side effects Gomez prochoice in a rehabilitation center in Tennessee. Soon the girl saw in one of the cakes. “She looked beautiful, went there for lunch. It seemed that she had never been so kind and open to fans, was more than happy to make photos with them,” — said the source, who personally saw going on the mend girl.

Before that, the girl has already published an official statement to People magazine. “Many of you might remember that I suffer from lupus. As it turned out, anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of this disease. I want to be helpful and focus on your health and happiness, so I decided that the best move on my part at this point would be career break. You know how important you are to me. But I have to face my disease and to make sure that I do my best to be the best version of yourself. I know I’m not alone in this problem, and I hope that my example will inspire many to care for myself.”