Селена Гомес впервые рассказала об операции по пересадки почки: это заставляет тебя идти вперед

Селена Гомес впервые рассказала об операции по пересадки почки: это заставляет тебя идти вперед

Famous American singer during his 27 years experienced many difficulties in life. So, the girl had to endure a difficult disease lupus, and as a consequence complicated kidney transplant surgery, and face-to-face with the real loneliness.

The girl gave recently an interview to the American edition, which explained why she still doesn’t want to get into another serious relationship after her breakup with Justin Bieber. The singer touched on the subject and the most difficult period of life.

Breakup with singer Justin Bieber really had an impact on the health status of Selene. Now she claims that she needs solitude, yet it is the comfortable life style. Gomez admits that she loves to walk around my house in shorts and stretched to hug the dog. Two years have passed after she was last with a man, but she is completely satisfied.

Of course, Selena hasn’t avoided the topic of the terrible disease Lupus, which happened to her. Due to complications the singer was appointed the difficult operation of kidney transplant. The celebrity declares that it is this complexity of life has forced her to find meaning in existence.

Selena says that the news about lupus for her was a devastating event in my life. And when she found out that she was going to do the surgery, then completely changed his views on life, because she would likely not survive this interference with the body. Gomez says that when she came out of surgery, her body beginning to tremble very much, this mom shouted, he ran to the doctors and introduced the singer in a coma. “It makes you go forward. I’m just very happy that I live” — lyrics by Selena.

At the end of the interview, the singer spoke about his return to the social network Instagram. In fact, the celebrity admitted that she is a very serious decision, because it is insanely dependent on social networks, and this is very much reflected in the condition. Return to the social network was forced solution, only to maintain the rating of the new album. And so, the official page makes Selena feel bad. Just recently, Gomez has admitted to her friend that if Instagram will continue to negatively affect the health of the singer, it is again ready to remove your page. All friends know how social media can negatively affect a singer, so I support her in that decision.


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