Селена Гомес заключила первый выгодный контракт после болезни

24-year-old actress and singer Selena Gomez is slowly returning to the ordinary life of the modern man. Star after a three-month break updated their social media accounts, and also spoke about the disease, which she managed to overcome.

Recall, Selena learned how to control autoimmune disease – lupus (skin tuberculosis), and she learned to cope with depression and panic attacks, which developed on the background of the disease.

After spending some time away from social life Selena again spoiling for a fight.

Fans are convinced that soon Gomez will delight their new album. Yet what they have to settle for the collaboration girl with the brand Coach.

Gomez became the face of the brand, and also had the opportunity to participate in creating a line of accessories.

The amount of the transaction, what Selena will get the result, not reported. The Network 10 is the number of millions of dollars.