Селена Гомес зарабатывает до полумиллиона за один пост в соцсетях

One hour of posing for selfies with partygoers, which was recently held in NYC, Kim Kardashian earned 700 thousand dollars. It would seem that the rate of earning “green” is striking, but rival Kim in this case may be Selena Gomez, which is just a few minutes puts it in his pocket half a million dollars.

This happens due to the activity of the singer in social networks, but rather the placement on the page advertising positions.

Price list Gomez has calculated the employees of the research company D Marie Analytics. They came to the conclusion that pevica receives about 550.000 dollars for advertising of goods and services in their posts in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter(the total number of its followers in the three social resource is 200 million people). In the computations were taken into account in the order of 56 parameters, including the number of followers, frequency of posts, number of “likes” and shares.

Note that the last prodeklarirovannye posts Gomez began photography with a bottle of Coca-Cola and shampoo Pantene (with both companies, the singer has a contract). In this case it is not direct advertising, but only compliance with the terms of the contract, when the star is actively promoting the goods, a person that is.


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