Selena Gomez doesn’t like the boyfriend

Селена Гомес не нравится окружению бойфренда

Romeo and Juliet, these days. American singer Selena Gomez and her new boyfriend The Weeknd could not be reconciled with their surroundings. Thus, the publication RadarOnline reports that friends, the canadian singer doesn’t like his new passion.

They believe that Selena completely took their mate, but also affects his music. The Weeknd plunged into the relationship, and his preparation for the tour was sluggish. It’s not like not only friends, but also the team of the singer. At the same time, Selena does not intend to leave the beloved even for a day. She has already said that they are ready to pause in his career to accompany a young man on tour.
We will remind that from the beginning of their relationship, relatives, Gomez was not happy with the choice, Selene. If you believe the insiders, in the autumn of last year the singer was being treated in a specialized clinic, not from the effects of lupus. and drug dependence. The Weeknd admits that he has a very rich drug past, and relatives of Gomez have right on their greatest fears. that boyfriend of Selena may simply be broken. The girl’s mother begged her to leave the singer, but Gomez simply stopped to communicate with her and with all who only alludes to her separation from The Weeknd.