Селена Гомес сделала одинаковые татуировки с подругами

This weekend blogger Courtney Barry celebrated his birthday. To the party she invited her best friends — Selena Gomez, Raquel Stevens and Ashley cook. This holiday friends will remember for a lifetime, because in this day, all four girls did matching tattoos in honor of the strong ties.

Селена Гомес сделала одинаковые татуировки с подругами

Selena, Raquel Stephens, Ashley cook and Courtney have been friends for many years and in honor of this made a tattoo in the form of the number “4”. “4 — because these women are with me for the past 7 years (Ashley cook) for 12 years. 4 — because four of you with me to the end of life. I love you ladies. You inspire me to become better, stronger, closer to God, and together we have experienced incredible things,” writes Selena in his instagram under a photo from the salon.

Courtney Barry is particularly distinguished, as for Selena she’s number one! With the blogger she did matching tattoos, while other girls prefer to be different and chose a different place for drawing the figures. “My number one. Courtney Barry, you’re an amazing woman. How you deal with life’s obstacles well. You turn a minor thing into an incredibly touching story. If someone says that he likes your perfume, you’re going to give her a bottle of perfume. You are wildly funny and always firmly stand on what you truly believe. Loving sister, a great friend and a beautiful daughter. You are the embodiment of the fearless girl” — signed photo with birthday girl Selena.

Recall that Selena Gomez became an example for many girls and guys that suffer from kidney disease. Not necessarily adults, but little clinics patients are delighted with the aging singer. In April, a charity event We Day, which has Selenium. At the event, the singer told about the operation, which has experienced and how she influenced the lives of others.

Despite the fact that the event took place in the spring, talking about it only now, because the entry last Friday was broadcast on television.

Last year, Selena experienced a complex kidney transplant that was donated by a close friend. Surviving is not a simple disease, the actress is now inspiring others to fight with problems. Once on the stage We Day, Selena thanked all who helped her to fight, and he talked about how it helps others. “Some of you may know, last year I had a kidney transplant. Many people gave me their helping hand and offered its support. Some of my story helped to find the strength and courage to fight, others to begin to help. All of these people reminded me that I’m incredibly lucky — I have a platform where I can share with you their experiences and answer you with love,” said Selena.