Selena Gomez close to a nervous breakdown

Селена Гомес близка к нервному срыву
Fans concerned about the state of the singer.

Selena Gomez

Photo: Splash News/East news

During his recent
the concert in Jakarta Selena Gomez cried on stage. The pop star arrived in Indonesia
in the framework of his world tour. First
her concert went as usual. But then, when Gomez was preparing to perform
the next song, her voice suddenly trembled, and the eyes filled with tears. Sobbing, Selena began to speak: “This
the song is very important to me. I often feel frustrated as a person, and sometimes not
very smart. After all I often say is not what is wanted, and sometimes I
misunderstood – due to the fact that I was doing everything wrong…” So with tears and she sang, gradually calming down. But as it turned out, the mood remained unimportant.

Returning home after the concert, the singer left on the page in the social network desperate
message. “Today I had the feeling that everything in my life — not
present. I lost contact with my music and with myself. I’m floating
and all the time afraid of something. I probably have a lot
rethink — as in my work,
and in life in General…,” wrote Selena.

According to many fans
singer, this message indicates that Gomez is going through a serious
crisis. Gossips claim that the reason lies not so much in the creative dissatisfaction
Selena, how many in her life. They say she still can’t
to forget his first great love — Justin Bieber, whom he had met five years. And although they broke up last year, Gomez was unable to find a replacement. After Justin while none of the Cavaliers failed to build any lasting relationship…

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