Селена Гомес отпраздновала день рождения с новым бойфрендом
The singer is trying to forget Justin Bieber.

Селена Гомес отпраздновала день рождения с новым бойфрендом

Selena Gomez and Caleb Stevens

Photo: Instagram

Having recovered from the shock after the news
the engagement of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez struggles not to show his
offense. Moreover, out of revenge to Justin, who until recently swore that she the love of his life, the singer has already spun a new novel — her boyfriend’s name is Caleb Stephens. The artist invited him, in a group of selected friends to a party at
the occasion of his birthday, which was celebrated recently. However, girlfriend
Selena sure she spun a new novel exclusively from revenge Bieber below
to show him that she had forgotten.

Selena, who was 26 years old, in the last
days was seen in the company Stevens twice. The first time when she came with him
Los Angeles for a concert of pop-rock group Imagine Dragons. A day later, at a party on the occasion of her birthday
held aboard a rented luxury yacht. There was everything — and confetti, and
the delicious food and the best champagne, and a spectacular birthday
cake height in three tiers! Selena tried her best to look happy, however, as noted
guests, her eyes were sad. The comment that she left under the photos of the events, too, looked quite melancholy: “Here’s another
a year has passed… I am so grateful that helped to celebrate the birthday,
friends… Love you all…”

We will remind, the first time Selena saw with
Caleb Stevens, a brother of her girlfriend Raquel, on the walk. It happened a little
more than a week ago, shortly after the announcement of the engagement of Justin. Two
they came together at the Taylor swift concert. But although Selena is trying very hard,
her so-so job looking in love… Bieber, despite the fact that adore Justin’s mother does not approve of his hasty engagement, already preparing for the wedding to Hayley.

Photo: Instagram