Selena Gomez came out in their underwear

Селена Гомес пришла на свидание в нижнем белье
The singer posed for a photo in the risky outfit.

Селена Гомес пришла на свидание в нижнем белье

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez brought his
fans in a frenzy of delight, laid out yesterday in his microblog a series of new photos.
For these pictures of Selena posed dressed in a glamorous silk “komunalku”.
“God, she’s good!” “Selena is perfection!” — such comments broke
many of the more than 120-million-strong army of subscribers microblog singer. However, Selenium itself is currently are not hungry
many in the enthusiastic reaction of fans as the approval of your boyfriend
Winda (Abel Tesfay). No wonder she signed his photo: “date night”, and
she posed for him, apparently, on the balcony of a hotel room
Winda in new York, where he arrived on concerts.

The last few months, Selena
and Abel, who began Dating
last fall, almost inseparable. Even when Wind went to the concert tour, Selena, though
she’s not going to stop his solo career, decided
to accompany him. Recently saw her in concert Abel in Chicago, and before that
— in Illinois and new Jersey, and Texas. Now they are together and got to
New York. And in every city the singer certainly attend concerts of beloved,
to support it. Selena is justified by the fact that supposedly started working on
his new song together with Windom. However, detractors say Selena,
she just doesn’t want to let go of a loved one from themselves.

One can only wonder how the singer, who
so much time to love, time to work on his music. The
at least, she recently managed to record a video to his new song “Bad Liar”,
fragments of which she tweeted.

Selena Gomez and Abel Tesfay