Селена Гомес и Найл Хоран: дружат или любят?

Селена Гомес и Найл Хоран: дружат или любят?

For two weeks in the Western press there are rumors that the singer Selena Gomez and singer Niall Horan are in a real relationship. Yesterday, Selena was spotted near the mansion Horana, what is even more attracted the attention of the media.

Selena Gomez yesterday stopped his car near the house of Niall, came out of the car and took the back seat a huge package of food and a bag with personal belongings and headed into the house. This moment was able to capture the ubiquitous paparazzi.

Селена Гомес и Найл Хоран: дружат или любят?

Two weeks ago they started talking about a possible relationship of this couple. The reason was dinner in one of the expensive establishments of Los Angeles, where Selena and Niall came along with their friends. Perhaps no one would have suspected, if the network is not a joint photo friends, where Niall’s standing next to Gomez and gently embracing her shoulders.

The romance rumors heated and celebrities. For example, Horan recently put a picture of him on the backdrop of a huge poster with the face of Selena. And the girl in turn tells his followers that Niall listens to new songs and I really like it.

According to insiders, about any romance between young people is not out of the question, they just are in a very warm and friendly relations. “Selena and Niall are not Dating and just friends. They have always been good friends and kept in touch for many years,” say those close to the stars face.

By the way, the first rumors of their affair went 4 years ago, then the journalists wrote that celebrity caught having a passionate kiss in a public place. Selena commented on the incident and stated openly that she always loved, loves and will love Horana, however, they are not meant to be together in a romantic relationship.

It is interesting that the romance rumors Gomez appeared almost immediately after the wedding, her former lover Justin Bieber. Justin and Selena for a long time met, fought a lot, but always reconciled, but not for the last time. After parting with her beloved, the girl was so worried that it even got to the treatment of depression in the hospital. Bieber also commented on their new relationship is very positive and believes that finally found the love of his life.

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