Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber back together?

Селена Гомес и Джастин Бибер снова вместе?
Fans suspected that Selena has decided to part with Windom.

Селена Гомес и Джастин Бибер снова вместе?

Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber


Visitors to the popular café JOi Caf? in Weslake Village (a suburb of Los Angeles)
was amazed when I recognized the couple, peacefully having Breakfast in the morning, Justin
Bieber and Selena Gomez! After all, their last public fight was so desperate that she remembered

However, the 25-year-old Selena and
23-year-old Justin behaved as if nothing happened. As
witnessed visited the cafe, young people are not allowed any public
displays of affection, but it was impossible not to notice that they
enjoyed the company of each other, and were so passionate conversation, that it seemed
did not notice anyone around.

If that is the only
episode, it maybe nobody would pay attention. But as it turned out, Bieber met
Gomez with whom he broke up after three years of novel in 2014-m year, for the third time in the last month!
The first time they hooked up randomly from common friends. But the party guests noticed
they were extremely pleased the meeting. And it surprised everyone who knew
the details of their previous history. A week ago Selena, as it became known,
invited Justin to his home. The truth is not one, and in company with a couple of her
friends. And now Bieber and Gomez was found tete-a-tete, and their meeting, as
assured the witnesses, was very similar to a date.

However, this would not be anything
amazing, if the last fight was not so fierce, and both
did not have time to exchange so many accusations and insults that reconciliation
seemed impossible. Bieber said that Gomez is over being selfish. It is, in his opinion,
no one ever loved yourself. All my novels gets exclusively
in order to attract attention to his person. Worse, he said that at a time when
they met Selena cheated on him. And Gomez responded by letting yourself a lot
attacks against Bieber…

Besides, since the end of last year
Selena started a new novel – with the singer
Windom (his real name is Abel Tesfay). However, currently, Abel is not in
Los Angeles, as he went on a concert tour. While Tifa not
responded to appear in the press reports of renewed friendship it
girls with Bieber. However, according to friend of the singer, Selena
not at all concerned about his opinion on this
because she decided
terminate the relationship with Abel.