Selena Gomez admitted that her popularity is tired

Селена Гомес призналась, что популярность ее утомила
Recently, the famous singer Selena Gomez became the heroine of the new issue of the Times devoted to the popular working women.

Селена Гомес призналась, что популярность ее утомила

This is understandable, because in his 25 years of Selenium can boast of a successful career. But, it turned out, the singer is tired of popularity.

“I have a lot of followers on Instagram, and it seems like I do know lots of people and we’re friends, but in reality it is not. Those with whom I can share all three, and the rest are just acquaintances from the industry or my fans. And each of you waiting for something and have to play different roles — it is sometimes very tiring and morally presses” – says Selena.

Because of the attention to himself, Gomez was accompanied by a feeling of constant anxiety, because of which she even had to cancel concerts.

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