Seeing Facebook, Tarasov has declared itself free

Увидев переписку в сети, Тарасов объявил себя свободным

Athlete first broke the silence and for the first time confirmed the intention to divorce.

Hackers repeatedly infiltrated the phones of stars. Released naked pictures, blackmailed. But what they saw, the hacked iCloud Buzova, was “too” even for sophisticated online audience. Not only that, the chances of reconciliation of the pair is not left, and former lovers quarrel led to family scandal.

Tarasov was the first to break the silence and for the first time in these months made a comment.

The midfielder hinted that he already suspected his wife of infidelity, and the naughty pictures and videos of Ollie taken on the phone only confirmed it.

“I guess now I can officially be considered a free man. All my doubts were confirmed. We have not managed to create a real family: I want kids, but unfortunately, this would have the desire of two people. From VIDOS I ****”–commented on the hacked correspondence Tarasov Olga Buzova, according to Life.

Olya also did not remain silent and declared that she had nothing to be ashamed of.

“I do not comment on illegal actions of people. For this is the law enforcement agencies. I am now in Berlin for an exclusive interview with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cottier in support of the film “assassin’s Creed”. I do not know what is happening there. Say that hacked my mail and iCloud. It is despicable. Cruel. I’m a free woman for 3 months. That’s all I can tell you right now,” replied star electroni.

Recall, the screenshots correspondence with phone Oli appeared on the network on Friday morning. In the files that is extracted by hackers is seen that the leading “House-2” arguing with her mother, looking for words of encouragement my sister and, it seems, is not configured to grant a divorce to the husband. Although the athlete about it repeatedly asked.

By the way, Olya and Dima have been married for four years. During this time, their relationship became an example for many. Young people to come up with surprises, gave each other gifts and went to a romantic trip to the most beautiful corners of the Earth. Moreover, she even made some hashtags for joint shots – “tarabotti” and “moymoy”.