“See you later, love.” — Alexander Shirvindt said goodbye to Mikhail Derzhavin

«До скорого, любимый!» — Александр Ширвиндт простился с Михаилом Державиным
The actor spent friend on his last journey.

Michael Derzhavin and Alexander Shirvindt

Photo: Andrew Airstream

At the Novodevichy cemetery over a memorial service for Michael
Derzhavin, who passed away January 10. The actor was 81 years old. Words
says the close friend of actor Alexander Shirvindt — touched by all
came to say goodbye to Derzhavin to the core. It is the speech of Alexander ended
farewell to a legend of Soviet and Russian cinema.

“Now is the time of endless searches of records,
so thirsty to get into the Guinness book of records. ‘ said town. — 72
cloudless pure friendship, cooperation, aid, worthy of the record books. No
once in those 72 years we’re not fighting. If we get a medal for this friendship, I
it will bring you. See you soon, beloved!”

Mikhail Derzhavin, who graduated from drama school named Shchukin, worked
in several theaters: in the Moscow theater
them. Lenin Komsomol, in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, Moscow theater
satire, and, since 1956, has starred in 30 films. The most striking role
Mikhail was embodied in the films “Three men in a boat not counting the dog”,
“My sailor”, “Groom from Miami”, “Old broads” and others. In addition,
the audience is still dearly loved the speech between Derzhavin and Alexander Shirvindt in “Morning mail”.

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