«Тайны Смолова»: Федор раскрыл скандальную правду о Виктории Лопыревой
The footballer told how the relationship with TV presenter has influenced his life.

«Тайны Смолова»: Федор раскрыл скандальную правду о Виктории Лопыревой

Victoria Lopyreva and Fedor Smolov

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The former civil husband of Victoria Lopyreva
Fedor Smolov, who deftly combines the title of the famous sportsman and hero
gossip columns, has made an unexpected recognition. The player stated that the affair with
34-year-old presenter made him famous, but has negatively affected

In 2012, when Victoria and Fedor started
to date, they were one of the most beautiful and bright star pairs of the country.
It seemed that between them — a real idyll, and the case went to the wedding. Soon she
really took place: a pair of lovers organized a chic romantic
the triumph in the Maldives. But before the registry office in Moscow, they never came, and in 2015
announced the breakup. Commenting on the changes, Lopyreva was more
talkative. She told me that is a more Mature person than
her ex-boyfriend that he was mentally not ready to start a family. Fedor
kept silent in public, but complained to friends that such statements of his
badly hurt.

Almost three years Smolov did not come back to this topic, but recently he gave
interview on the Youtube channel “Foot’Sick people” and remembered his affair with
Lopyrevoy. “At that time I in football did not win and did not really played.”
remember Smolov. According to him, he became known thanks to the popularity of Victoria.
“Whether I liked it? No. Were you aware that this prevents me to play football?
Yes, understood,” said Fedor. By the way, football statistics partly
confirms the words of Smolov. And fans of the athlete repeatedly noticed
he began to play better after the break with lopyrevoy. Fans connect it with
player completely focused on the game.

Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva

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Victoria herself for a year maneuvering between gossip about her wedding with Nicholas
Preparing for the wedding of TV presenter and singer began in the fall of last
year. Was the date of the celebration, the invited guests… But a couple just before
day “IKS” was moved
marriage is not an indefinite period. Fans hoped that the model and
“natural blonde” get married in the summer of 2018, but after the recent
recognition of lopyrevoy, the hopes of the fans began to melt before our eyes.

It was assumed that Victoria, being the Ambassador of world Cup,
very soon launched in Russia, wait for the finals and after
this will prepare for the celebration. But Lopyreva advanced Baskov
an unexpected condition, which can put an end to the wedding couple.

Victoria said she will marry Nicholas just in case the team
Russia will reach the world Cup final. In the victory of the Russian team believed by many, that
rumors that Lopyreva manner decided simply to cancel