Тайны цветов: как составить модный и «говорящий» букет It just so happened that on 8 March, women in Russia decided to give tulips as a symbol of the coming spring. However, the flower world is much more varied and brighter, it has its own laws and tendencies. That they were told by the founder of floral services MONOбукет Anastasia Patsko.
Тайны цветов: как составить модный и «говорящий» букет


The fashion for naturalness have not only affected the fashion industry. For quite some time in floristry remains a trend on the so-called natural looking bouquets. In other words, the compositions representing a bunch of flowers that looks like you just collected in the field.

“We, the florists believe that the success of the bouquet in its naturalness, – says Anastasia Patsko. – So forget about clear forms, unnatural color and texture. Here you can afford as unusual combinations of different textures and sizes, and monovalency songs from one of varieties of flowers”.

Тайны цветов: как составить модный и «говорящий» букет“The main thing is not to forget to complement the flowers of wild herbs. This detail will give the bouquet a natural and fresh look. Packaging such a composition should be the same in a natural manner. Note the thin paper of subdued colors or matte film. These accessories Russian florists borrowed from the Koreans and I must say, I was right”.
Тайны цветов: как составить модный и «говорящий» букет

Floral hit parade

Absolute favorites remain of garden roses. Much love from the girls use of the rose “David Austin”, named after their Creator.

“This variety exudes the aroma, – continues Anastas. Also the three floral hit parade includes Ranunculus and anemones. In fourth place – peonies, conquering women’s hearts.”

By the way, if your floral gifts made to the girl the right impression and not far off a wedding celebration, you should pay attention to the fashion trends in the floral decorations. So, for example, are especially popular this summer are peach and apricot shades. For winter and autumn weddings fit more deep and sober colors – Burgundy, plum and even unexpected black.

Тайны цветов: как составить модный и «говорящий» букет

The value and meaning

“The colors traditionally assigned a specific meaning: it is believed that their color, type and number – all that matters – says Patsko. – History of floral language in Europe has its origins in the Victorian era when flowers were used for secret, encrypted messages. Over time, the need for secrecy has disappeared, and the many myths and legends associated with a particular sort of still left”.

For example, yellow roses – the most famous of the available symbols of separation. And if the breakup is inevitable, and breaking dishes in your plans do not include former sweetheart, you can present a bouquet of yellow or orange roses. However, you still can not do, and you can even bouquet for the person to obtain.

Yellow tulips, contrary to popular stereotypes, does not symbolize the close the separation – they tell the owner of the bouquet about the hopeless love of the giver. Peonies, in turn, is a sign of love.

Red roses will tell about your great and passionate love. Tea symbolizes beauty. Delicate pink flowers speak of love for the recipient of the bouquet, and white – innocent love.

Тайны цветов: как составить модный и «говорящий» букет“However, now the meaning of flowers pay little attention and donors, and florists, – says Anastasia Patsko. For example, so popular in the modern world is a flower called the anemone is the symbol of the decadence, fragility and even death. Ranunculus, which are often added to wedding bouquets, symbolizes power and authority.”
Тайны цветов: как составить модный и «говорящий» букет

The difference of cultures

It is important to understand that in different countries given the meanings can be opposite. For example, in Russia it is customary to give odd number of flowers, and in Europe even. The yellow color in our country usually associate with separation and parting, and in Europe and Asia is a symbol of the sun, prosperity, wealth and family happiness.

“Flowers it is, first and foremost, a sign of attention, explains the florist. And if your loved ones not to give flowers at all, looking for negative characters in each of them, the relationship will deteriorate much faster. Stereotypes should be guided, perhaps, in only one case, if you are planning to present a bouquet for a formal occasion or an elderly person. In any case, primarily rely on your own taste and preferences, forget about proven solutions and trivial combinations. Finally, just delight loved ones”.