Secret weapon of bride Bondarchuk: what is the strength Paulina Andreeva

Тайное оружие невесты Бондарчука: в чем сила Паулины Андреевой “StarHit” revealed the secret of why Fedor Bondarchuk lost his head from a young actress. On the novel of the famous Director and stars of the series “Method” became known in March this year after he divorced his wife Svetlana.

      Тайное оружие невесты Бондарчука: в чем сила Паулины Андреевой

      The novel stars of the series “Method” Paulina Andreeva and Director Fyodor Bondarchuk was the loudest this year. For Andreeva Bondarchuk had dared to put an end to relations with Svetlana Bondarchuk, which have been married 25 years. In connection with the risen sensation lovers had even to postpone the wedding. With the advent in his life, a young actress Fedor literally perk, friends say that he glows with happiness. This week October 12, Pauline turns 28. Friends and colleagues, Andreyeva said “StarHit” than it attracts men.


      Nothing attracts a woman like a subtle sense of humor. Paulina not only understands jokes but can laugh at myself. This was personally convinced Director Yuri Bykov, who shot Andreev in the series “Method” and “Sleeping”. The latest project is in production.

      “We have our own thing. All the words we add Paulina ends “AMBA” – says the “StarHit” Bulls. – If you go in costume, we say with a smile – adebambo, if you have dinner, that edamba. Pauline is aware that in the workplace it makes no sense to behave too formally. If you are in a position, then you are either not serious, or disingenuous”.

      Тайное оружие невесты Бондарчука: в чем сила Паулины Андреевой


      Bright appearance of the actress noticed in the TV series “the Thaw”, where she played a cameo role of a cabaret singer. Languid eyes, sensual lips, and even the growth of 175 centimeters. Andreev hard to miss.

      “Paulina introduced to me by Michelle at a party “Kinotavr” this summer, – has shared with “StarHit” designer Denis Simachev. – She has a not Russian type, I’d say Los Angeles. Her are equally as elegant designer dresses and simple shirts with jeans and sneakers. Very showy girl. Lean, with long legs. It is a sample model appearance – though now on a podium.”
      Тайное оружие невесты Бондарчука: в чем сила Паулины Андреевой


      Summer star has recorded the soundtrack for the song Closer to the film “Gravity.” Director and producer Fedor Bondarchuk, and composer – his nephew Ivan Burlyaev.

      Paulina Andreeva explained why he postponed the wedding a novel

      “Paulina has an attractive tone of voice, – says Ivan. – It is madly pleasant to listen to, I imagine as soon as she whispers something in your ear. If you will practice singing on, and in this field make a career. Paulina is very diligent and purposeful. To sing well, she worked hard with the music teacher and coach in English. The song was written a month, worked in the Studio daily.”

      Тайное оружие невесты Бондарчука: в чем сила Паулины Андреевой


      For the first time on a theater stage, a third year student Paulina Andreeva appeared in the play Kirill Serebrennikov “Okolonolya” in the role of Crybabies.

      “I had to make an erotic film for this production, – has shared with “StarHit” Vladimir Epifantsev. – Starred with two Actresses Paulina and Kate Stabling. Unlike Kathy, Andreeva was a girl without complexes. She was barely 20 years old. In the story my character was attached to the back of the heroine and simulated sex. Paulina wasn’t worried, but Katya fell into a stupor. Even at this very moment the girls standing on all fours, it was necessary to hold a weapon. After a shot from Katie was hysterical. But Paulina did a great job. She turned me on, sexuality and pearl. We then met in the fitness club. Learned the Paulina ears – they have it outstanding. It’s my weakness.”


      From the fragile at Andreeva only body type. The character of Paulina is very brave and selfless. This is the way it remember fellow students in the School-Studio MXAT.

      “Paulina was given the job and the rehearsals with all the passion, says “StarHit” a friend of the actress Nikolay Kislichenko. – She gave the impression of women – not girls, which achieves your goals and gets what he wants. One day we were practicing stage combat and Paulina got so carried away that broke in blood nose with his knee. Any other would be in its place cried or screamed. Andreeva silently went to the bathroom, washed my face and then continued to work. Another time she showed some kind of miniature body and twisting the neck. Then a long walk in a special collar”.