Тайного любовника Жанны Фриске уличили во лжи Ex-Deputy Zhanna Friske open up about relationship with singer. He told how to develop their romance, but of a polygraph found out that not everything said by Peter, true.
Тайного любовника Жанны Фриске уличили во лжи

A couple of months ago the public was shocked by the unexpected news: it turns out that before meeting with Dmitry Shepelev in the life of Zhanna Friske was another not less important to her man. A Peter Nikitin shared his revelations about his affair with the singer.

The dancer admitted that their secret meetings lasted more than four years. Jeanne was thinking about how to give birth to Nikitin who was younger than her nine years, but in the end the lovers are parted. Choosing between a scene and a relationship, Friske always favored profession.

Even then, the story of Peter caused many questions. This time the man came to the Studio for the programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, where he decided on a candid conversation with the host and shared touching memories of the star.

“I’m alone now. Don’t know whether this is due to Jeanne, if I compare her with other women. Many have condemned me that I have not visited her grave for three years, but honestly, I didn’t even need it. I had joint memories, the island of Bali, where we rested four or five times, pictures. Sometimes memories could arise under the influence of a song we listened to together. Of course, accepting her death was hard. When we found out about the diagnosis, I immediately began to believe the best. Still, there are modern developments of medicine, it seemed that Jeanne will definitely help,” he shared memories of Peter.
Тайного любовника Жанны Фриске уличили во лжи

Their romance developed rapidly. It all started innocently with a joint clip for the song “summer somewhere” back in 2005. Then Joan was already an incredibly popular singer, and Peter only started in show business as a dancer. However, the New year, they celebrated together, after which it is not separated.

About the secret boyfriend Friske knew many of her friends, but Janna asked not to advertise the novel. She wanted to keep it just for myself, so the next four years Peter remained in the shadows.

Secret lover Zhanna Friske no longer hide the truth about her baby

The lovers traveled a lot, often worked together, and then suddenly broke up. According to the dancer, he too pressed on the artist, wanting not just to have children together, but also to get married.

What happened next everybody knows, Friske began to meet with Dmitry Shepelev, gave birth to a son, after I learned about the terrible diagnosis. Peter spoke with the star until her last days, trying to keep Jeanne and believing in the best.

“I do not approve of the conflict which erupted between the parents of Jeanne and Dmitry Shepelev. I believe that the grandparents and the father have the right to communicate with Plato. The boy, incidentally, is very similar to Jeanne. Grows very beautiful, smart — that’s what she wanted,” — said Nikitin.

To stop any rumors and speculation about his relationship with the star, the dancer agreed to be tested on a lie detector. He noted that Jeanne never gave him expensive gifts, and their relationship lasted for at least four years. However, these two statements was a lie according to experts. Also, the examiner found that the artist didn’t want to marry her secret lover.

“What I am about here is purely my decision. It’s my story and accuse me of something in relation to Joan not. If I had some selfish intentions, I would have gone out to people with this story six months after her death,” said Peter.

Sam dancer I am confident that Jeanne left a deep trace in his life. Now he intends to move on, but forget about the bright his novel plans.