Second wife of Sergei Kapkov pregnant

Вторая жена Сергея Капкова беременна Sophia Gudkov will again become a mother. In 2015, former head of the Department of culture and his fiancee got married, and now preparing for the replenishment of the family. Despite the interesting position, the woman continues to live an active lifestyle and working on the organization of cultural events.

      Вторая жена Сергея Капкова беременна

      The wife of the former head of the Department of culture of Moscow Sergey Kapkov Sophia will soon become a mother. The former official and his fiancee got married in 2015. They decided not to hold a big celebration on this occasion. The couple formalized their relationship in one of capital registry offices, and then went for a walk around the capital.

      About the interesting position of Sophia was known at the opening of the festival of Diana Vishneva Context. Outfit wife Kapkov emphasized her rounded tummy. For the spouse of a former official, this child will be the third. The woman has two children born from the marriage with the Deputy Dmitry Gudkov. Sergei also growing two of the heirs of the first wife, Catherine Grinchevsky.

      As reported first Sophia popravili Roman Abramovich, Deripaska Polina and Svetlana Bondarchuk. All the stars were present at the opening ceremony, which took place on the stage of the Moscow academic music theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. Apparently, the night, is engaged to Sophia. Friend praised her talents under the joint photos to social networks.

      Sophia said that work on the festival of Diana Vishneva helped her look at the art of dance. According to the woman, she learned to understand the details. “To be honest, to Context, given that I’m not a dancer, not a choreographer and not even a ballet critic, I understood little about dance schools and dance companies differences. Therefore, one of the most vivid memories is when I first found that in those States for many years successfully, there are dozens of top ballet companies with their own style and with his “code” movements,” wrote Sophia on the page in a social network.