Second pregnancy Podolsk, which is not

Вторая беременность Подольской, которой нет

Woman’s Day managed to get a comment about the interesting position of the singer.

For the past few days in the press, rumours are circulating that soon Natalia Podolskaya bear her husband a second child. The reason for talking about pregnancy was the appearance of Natasha on the program Andrei Malakhov. Fans of the singer noticed her rounded tummy peeking through the dress.

Immediately journalists, more or less versed in the intricacies of obstetrics and gynecology, gave his calculations: the son of Artemis Natalia gave birth 5 June last year, therefore her body time to recover, to conceive and carry a baby again. Surfaced excerpts from previous interviews Podolsk, where she talks about the desire to have more children. Woman’s Day has decided not to fantasize, and learn more at friends of the star couple.

“Of course it is not true, – said the press-Secretary Natalia Anna Isaeva. — Nonsense…”

Meanwhile Natalia in addition to the work absorbed in her worries about 11-month-old son.

“I try to have a Theme every minute, – says Natalia. — When you have to leave, with him are my mom and nanny. I know that now the fashion for the Filipinas, but we hired a good Russian woman. The topic of my appearance is the most violent emotions. When I go into another room and then return, his face lights up a smile, starts to laugh. Extraordinary sense to understand that mom for him – the whole world. The theme itself is very playful, light, smiling. God willing, will be the same positive person, like his parents.”

Vladimir Presnyakov also said that with the emergence of a younger son his life completely turned upside down.

“Now get up usually at 7:30. At this time the Subject wakes up. And we lie with him and indulge. Then go for a swim in the pool. Then for a walk. We play a lot together.”

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