Second mother: the star mother, which can only dream of

Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать Celebrity his example proved to have a relationship with a beloved son – not such a difficult task. The heroine of our review can safely boast of wisdom, a tolerant attitude towards others and the ability to retreat when necessary.

      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      Relations mother-in-law and sister-in-law have become a topic for jokes. But in real life is often no laughing matter. Especially when the conflict between the two women acquires a universal scale. One is not like the beloved son, and she begins to slowly destroy the marriage of his own child, the other tries to replace the mother grandchildren, the third simply ignores the fact that a new family member.

      But many people manage to avoid it. Perfect mother-in-law are among the celebrities: Zhanna Epple picked up his son, Nadezhda Babkina often conspires with the daughter-in-law, and young Granny Alena Babenko happy to nurse her grandson. We found out the secret of their relationship.

      Zhanna Epple

      She found the son of the guardian angel

      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      “You want to do well – do it yourself” – it seems this rule was guided by the actress. Several years ago, she with her youngest son flew in for the shooting in Kiev. The heir of the artist Efim saw angelina and said he was too small, but he has an older brother, which she will love. Jeanne, this idea came to mind, and she introduced them. First Potap and angelina talked on the Internet and later the girl arrived in Moscow.

      Angelina started to care not only about love but also about his family. “Thanks to the daughter-in-law I rarely cook – not once admitted in an interview with Jeanne. – After the play or the filming of coming home, and the table was already set. The guys behind it as behind a stone wall: fed, clothed, shod, so I’m not worried and even can afford to get out somewhere tonight.”

      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      The actress calls her son the third child or a guardian angel. On the question about which Jeanne’s mother, the girl responds without hesitation: “Great!” Potap and angelina has formalized relations August 1, 2015. A year later, Zhanna Epple congratulated the couple in his Instagram: “My eldest son Potap tore real jackpot with his lovely wife angelina. We all adore her, she has brought to our friendly, but a madhouse harmony, order and even schedule. So the victory Potap our family won everything, and I’m including because I don’t live in the days of the week – I only have dates! Happy anniversary! Love you!”

      Larisa Guzeeva

      Believes that the daughter must love and respect the mother-in-law

      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      Sometimes to meet the right man is not the hard part. Much more difficult is to find a common language with his parents, especially mom. Once in the program “Evening Urgant” Larisa Guzeeva admitted: “If the daughter-in-law will love me and to respect, to cave in and say that I am the most beautiful, talented and the best, I was gonna say the same.” It seems that the beloved 25-year-old son of the artist George managed to find a way to approach her.

      More than seven years ago, George left home and began to live independently. But having met the lady, was in no hurry to introduce her to mom. Apparently, so Guzeeva was a little surprised: “He’s with one girl Anna now in its sixth year together. This loyal boy was”. The choice of the son it seems was also approved.

      Daughter Larisa Guzeeva: “I am lazy”

      “She’s a good girl, classy. Why would I want for her to complain about? Mother-in-law who ruin the lives of their children are idiots. What is the difference?, – the TV presenter admitted in an interview. Now George with Anka eager to visit us. Love to visit us: come, all eat up with a take away And so would he freaking depressed: “Oh my God, Sunday — to go back to your parents!”



      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      In the summer of 2013, the only son of TV presenter Oksana Pushkina decided to marry, and this news made her happy. “The children come from the Registrar’s office. Filed… a New era in my life! – Pushkin wrote in “Twitter”. – After 7 years. And my, what a one-woman man!”

      Artem was a swimmer, speaks several foreign languages, graduated from the Academy of national economy under the Government of the Russian Federation. From the second year began to do business in the field of IT-technologies. An eligible bachelor found a worthy companion. Mary took in his family.

      “I really like it – admitted Oksana Pushkina the air show “Evening Urgant” – It is somewhat similar to Anna kournikova, also plays tennis. However, when it during a vacation in Hawaii tried to run with me for 20 kilometers along the beach, then almost die. Had her to the hospital to take. Masha, I love you!”.
      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      According to the presenter, the beloved son is the sea of charm, huge heart, bright and sharp mind. “It’s a brutal combination for men! But this “cocktail” came to taste my son. So I have a lovely daughter! “Sister-in-law” language does not turn to call it. Masha, you were made for happiness!” wrote Oksana in my social networks.

      According to the version of presenter, the secret to a perfect relationship is simple: “Artem chose a wife like me. Daughter-in-law became my daughter – Mache could only dream of!”



      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      From the first days of Dating Svetlana became a close friend of Tata. Together they go to parties, fashion shows, fly to relax or just spend time together quiet family evenings. And at the end of October this year, even at the same time decided on a change of image – went to the stylist Aida Kurbanova and got a haircut under the caret.

      But in may, 2012, Tata was hard even to change the name, but for the sake of the wife, the son of Svetlana, she decided on this. “Serge happy that I did it, and with tenderness, if I sometimes him Noah, saying, I will get used to it. For him it was very important. So I’m a hero” – she confessed. The Bondarchuk family threw a big party

      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      The secret of such a perfect relationship mother-in-law and sister-in-law, perhaps in support of Svetlana and Tata have each other. “Marriage is serious work. I and Sergei often inspire. Even if women realize that something Tata is not right, always stand on her side. But Sergei say he needs to be better and to do everything to ensure that his woman was happy,” admitted Svetlana reporters.



      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      The first meeting of the singer with a future relative was not very successful. “Seven years ago, in winter, to my suburban home was approached by two limousine – said Babkin “StarHit”. From them spill out of elegant young people led to my son. The girls were dressed so frankly that I almost said only one word. “How much you paid for them?” I asked Dani when he came over to say Hello. “Mom, what are you! My friends – began to make excuses son. – We’re just at the party, decided to come for a while. I’m someone will introduce. Tanya, come here.” There was a girl in a skirt almost to the navel, and it is in the January cold! I did not like it. Communication did not work. Later, the son explained that he and Tanya all seriously. I: well, I’ll do you! Two days later, beloved Dani came to visit. I don’t even recognized her immediately: a conservative dress, gently pick in the beam of the hair. Drank tea, chatted, laughed heartily”.

      Daniel is the only son of Nadezhda Babkina, therefore, not surprising that she severely reacted to his choice of bride. They married, and Nadezhda Babkina is a grandmother three times. Now the daughter-in-law actress speaks quite differently.

      “Tanya is gorgeous. She is a wonderful person. Flexible, diplomatic, – told Nadezhda Babkina in an interview. – We’re in cahoots. If Daniel depressive mood, it appeals to me — Hope, I think, talked to him, useless, need your word. And I connect. Daniel is outraged — are you a conspiracy or what? I explained to him that if two people say the same thing, pay attention to it. You’re a man. Pick up the shovel, push the snow or my car, you can do anything but work hard and depression is down.”
      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать



      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      Karina won the presenter from the first meeting. It happened in the New year, the first toast she gave in honor of their parents, talked about them with respect and love. Malysheva realized that the son made the right choice – girl from a good family, educated in England, graduated from Plekhanov Academy, engaged in PR and advertising.

      Elena taught his son that to 30 years to marry is not necessary, but having chosen one, advised me to forget about all the plants and added: “Just keep in mind that to find such a girl extremely huge and great happiness”.

      Elena Malyshev told about the family tragedy

      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      They married in January 2015 and later gave Malysheva first grandson Igor. The presenter tries to give advice to young parents.

      “One summer at the peak of the heat, I announced that we must give the child plain water, so he does not dehydrate – said Malysheva in an interview. – And received this response from the son: “the American Association of pediatricians recommends heat to add more breastfeeding, but not to give water because when the water is used in children to years increases the risk of intestinal infections”. I started to argue and said that the European Association of pediatricians, in contrast, advises the water. But then I thought, boiled water is not sterile product, no matter how you try. And breast milk is sterile, beautiful, with protective antibodies! Suddenly, from this cursed water our baby is diarrhea? I just can’t live! And I’ve backed out.”



      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      Alina Ustinenko and Alexander Gobozov was one of the most controversial couples of the TV project “Dom-2”. To help the young to settle all conflicts on the telestroke came their mom – Olga and Svetlana. But all this only exacerbated the fighting, the insults, the fights were almost every air. A natural outcome was the divorce of the couple. They left the project and some time together. Alexander and Olga supported Aliano learned about the terrible diagnosis of her mother – a cancer of the brain.

      “Sasha it’s okay, he buys mom her meds, partly pays for treatment, and even goes to Church with her. Quarrels and conflicts between the two moms also ended,” admitted Aliana “StarHit”.
      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      This summer my family went to the place called dzhily-su and to Terskol peak, to improve their health Svetlana Mikhailovna. After Aliana posted in Instagram photo tender in which kisses from her husband and signed the picture: “Thanks for that in difficult moments, you’re next… Nobody knows how hard it is, no one knows how painful it is… This difficult path we will walk together. Thanks for the support. Thank your mom for help … I really appreciate it. And I love”.

      Fans asked: “you now Have a good relationship with your mother in law? I remember there was a way to get Here I think, in the “House-2″ all the quarrel was a game or reality? And have the strength to start all over again?”. “It’s been real… – answered the star of “House-2″. – The main thing – time to recover, to pray for all your sins and start life with a clean slate. It’s hard, but possible.”

      Svetlana Ustinenko: cancer part daughter and fading hope

      Svetlana Mikhailovna did not in October this year. In difficult times Aliano friends and family support.



      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      The actress became a grandmother at 43 years old, her 23-year-old son and his lady Salome in 2015 son was born. The boy gave a fancy name Theodore. “I sort of naturally and easily developed relationships with his girlfriend. Now I am extremely happy, said the Queen in an interview, ‘ Thank God, while I walk, move, can bring the tale to read. I am in favour of children born early and in large numbers. And I am happy that I have a son in normal age married. Did not wait 30 years, not matured, not waited until he accumulated the money or something. Well, wrong this position is for our country, it does no good. It all came from the West. This is completely alien to our understanding of life that first build up, play out and then… Nothing like that! Once you love everything do, and get married, and have children, everything is then acquired.”

      My sister-in-law actress is also a creative profession – she directed a documentary filmmaker, Nikita operator. Now the couple perfectly combine work and parental responsibilities. Judging by the photos in social networks, Alain is actively involved in the life of a grandchild and is not shy about the status of grandmother.

      Elena Presnyakov

      Always on the side of the bride

      Вторая мама: звездные свекрови, о которых можно только мечтать

      Elena is the perfect mother-in-law. She knows that her son’s difficult nature, therefore, always on the side of the bride, and Vladimir repeats: “the Woman is right in everything”. Yet Podolsky, Presniakov followed her success in “star Factory”, read the interview.

      “On the set of the TV show “Saturday night” I felt her gaze on himself, – said Elena Presnyakov in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”. – It’s studied. And in that moment, his head flashed the thought: “maybe they’re really Dating?” My son is very well versed in people. If he likes the girl, so that’s good. And Natasha he was not mistaken. Tell a story. Somehow after one of the concerts of the “Gems” Natasha ran out of the dressing room in crimson spots. I went to the musicians, asked what happened. And we have years of friendship has developed such a relationship that the guys after the performance you can get dressed right at the ladies. Natasha, seeing the strange men negligee immediately popped out. Here’s a modest girl.”

      Presnyakov and Podolskaya married for over six years. During this time, Natalia never complained-law spouse, as it believes that it is not necessary to involve parents in their relationship. Natalia Podolskaya: “After the hysteria Vova said change the tickets. Fly to son”

      “I’ll always be on the side of Natasha, – says Elena, – Vova, of course, love. But I know him well. Know that he, too, is wrong. So, Natasha, feel free to ask for my support. I love Natasha because I see how it relates to Vova. Her food is delicious. Somehow I had a birthday, and we played in “Luzhniki”. Volodya called and asked us to come and visit after the concert. Natasha is so much food here! She has a notebook with grandma’s recipes. Her son constantly with all sorts of Goodies pampers”.