“Second mother” Kirkorov: “We decided to gamble”

«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» 30 APR famous artist celebrates the anniversary. Philip Kirkorov celebrates 50 years. On the eve of commemorative dates “StarHit” contacted the Manager of the concert hall “October” Emma Lavrinovich, who discovered unknown facts about the artist.
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру»

Today Philip Kirkorov celebrates its 50th anniversary. Over the years, on it is written a million articles, produced an incredible amount of TV shows… it Seems that we know all of the details of life Kirkorov. But perhaps the best of the king of pop knows Emma Lavrinovich, the legendary Director-the artistic Director of the concert hall “October”, whom he affectionately calls “my second mother”. Especially for the “StarHit” Emma Vasilevna has discovered previously unknown facts about the birthday boy.

As Philip was preparing for the anniversary?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» Very active, he needs to control everything and hold it in your hands. Even the invitation to the anniversary himself sent. I told him: “Philemon, the other would be sent invitation and will stop”. But no, he needs to always be first. —
You call him “Philemon”?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» Even so, Filmoteka! And he calls me Emma, we were always “you” as the closest people. —
However, your acquaintance with him was not the best…
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» I first saw Philip at the concert hall “Russia” in Moscow and was surprised at how much he resembled the singer Sergey Zakharov. After that, the man worked in the “Music Hall” and then in the theatre of Alla Pugacheva. Then took our acquaintance, it was a festival of “Shlyager-90”, which he won. In October 1992 was the anniversary of the concert hall “October”, where a man came to the composition of stars. One time we were talking, and Philip said: “I’ll Do all that I may become closer to her than Valery Leontiev. She already has a son, but I will be the first”.
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру»
What happened then?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» At the premiere of his first programs in a number of special effects pyrotechnic means rain. We’ve had it banned, because the room is open, and the scene does not have the iron curtain. When I found out about this, Phillip and I agreed that we will not do. On the second day during the concert I had to leave for an anniversary conductor Yuri Temirkanov, Philip knew about it, but I managed to get back to the finals. On arrival he heard that he still used pyrotechnics… When Philip came to me after the speech, I said sternly: “never set foot on the threshold of my office. Get out of here, you mean to me, you broke your promise”. The next day I sit in my office and hear a rustle. Open the door and see this six-foot four. It turned out that it is early in the morning went to the market and bought a dozen roses on long stalks, brought them into the hall and laid out for me and my Deputy. After this step, my heart melted. —
And after a time Philip made a proposal to Alla Borisovna…
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» I knew about it. And when they came in March on his solo concerts, at one of the dinners where was Anatoly Sobchak, I said, “Philip I have said many times that if will play, only in St. Petersburg.” The mayor picked up my joke. And I add: “the day after tomorrow!” The next day comes to me Alla and asking for advice on how she dressed. I reply, “Where?” what I hear: “the check!” They had no passports, we don’t even have time to call Christine and tell about the event. —
However, they have still managed to implement his plan.
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» During the day we managed to agree that the registration will be at twelve o’clock in the Palace of marriage in front of Finland station, to avoid the crowd. But the day before it poisoned cockroaches, so was the horrible smell. We had to carry all the English embankment. Mystery of the mystery, but when we arrived there, there were crowds of journalists. I remember one of them asked me: “Why are we not allowed to check-in?” I turned around and said, “I’m Sorry, but everyone is entitled to their privacy”. —
What else do you remember from that day?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» Philip’s mother was bedridden, she blessed him, but could not come. I sat beside Bedros planted as mother. Then it was on the run, and we don’t have time! During registration I woke up: “what about the wedding dinner?” Call the restaurant: “we’ll be There in 40 minutes, we have twenty guests.” In the evening there was a recital of Philip on the stage of “October”.—
I believe that this Union was a good one?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» Two stars in one team must be hard, but I’m glad they’re still friends, now they meet and communicate, their kids are friends – and it’s great! When Philip had difficult moments in life, Alla Borisovna has always helped him.

If it changed with the advent of children?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» When this became known, Philip wrote a lot, even criticized… We all should be happy for him, because now Philip family man! We constantly discuss this topic. I think that was one of the few who could persuade him. Even Bedros then I thanked. I told him: “Philip, you now have a father, aunt and uncle, but they’re gone from this life. You have many fans, friends, but life always comes a time when they are alone. What will become of you then?” At first he refused, but gradually I began to think, to talk to me, and eventually became a father, I am very pleased.—
Philip is a caring parent?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» He has amazing children who are surrounded by attention, it very much gives them, they deal with teachers, coaches. Let us rejoice for this family. And how many happy people around was: dad, aunt, uncle, which they do. I believe that fatherhood was for Philip a great gift. —
Petersburg still recalls those thirty concerts Kirkorov, which he set during the 1998 crisis…
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» What we then did, I think a real adventure. 1998 was severe: the entire economy collapsed, and the stage design of the show Philip was then worth in the region of 150 thousand dollars – at that time a huge sum.
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру»
How did you decide to take this step?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» It all started with the fact that the journalists arrived to take a report on the concerts of Philip. One reporter asked me if the tickets are sold. I, as usual, jokingly said “for us ten concerts, and we are about to announce!” After the rehearsal, he approached me and Philip and said, “You told the truth?” A month passed, I have a meeting, and he calls: “What are you doing?” I told him that we came up with the project and is now discussing it. Suddenly my Deputy Alla Sergeevna from another office screaming that there is a title “Only a month – just for you!” Philip was fascinated and we started to think. Next was the constant calls, plans, calculations…—
And then Philip went on the “Golden Orpheus”.
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» Yes, and he invited me to go with him. The morning after the concert I Wake up, and suddenly I burst Philip. Asks: “in our country, emergency, what to do?” And we have already managed to declare November the month of the concerts. Philip says, is that we need to urgently cancel. I didn’t call in the concert hall a day or two, and he all the time requested. After some amount of time I said, “Philip, we live in this country, Yes, it happened, but we have to give people a holiday, we must prepare”. —
How did he react to it?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» At first taken aback and then pleased… Despite the fact that it was a hard time the next day after the first concert at the ticket office lined up. The audience so liked the show that they went to him again and again! After all, the mentality of the Russian people is this: when the bad – needs joy. And there, on stage, was like a little Las Vegas. Then we worked seven days a week, and added three more performances, tickets to which sold in three days.—
Is it possible now?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» In the country, much has changed. Modern people are so focused on their business. Previously, we lived more public lives, went to the theatre, and the next day discussed the play. Now, just a different attitude, we began to pay more attention to yourself… But in our time, Philip can still afford to declare ten concerts in the Kremlin.
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру»
What do you think, does he have a successor?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» I don’t think. To replace the performer is wrong, every artist is an individual. He must choose his audience and style in order to interest the viewer. —
Is it hard was when Philip was in the center of a scandal after the story of an assistant Director?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» I was worried with him. Then I asked: “How would you know?” I responded very simply: “I’d have Fired assistant because such behavior in rehearsal is unacceptable”. Of course, he snapped, but not in the form as it was written. It was a reasonable reaction to the lack of professionalism of the person. We have in the room no one would talk to the artist in a similar tone.—
I heard from Philip that in 50 years the new program “I” turned dance, entertainment. When do you think it will be 60-70 years will change if the style of the program?
«Вторая мама» Киркорова: «Мы решились на авантюру» Songs Philippe is different, there are those that are suitable for discos, and there are more lyrical, but he sings them as can other artists. If after ten years it will have a different program, then that’s fine, because Philip didn’t stop, not conserved, it continues to look for something new. So let’s meet and talk, when he turns 60 years.—
Have you seen Philip in different situations, probably know about him are stories that are unknown to a wide audience.
He does a lot of good and nice things, but not to the public, but for themselves. And hates it when I talk about it, but a few years ago, one pensioner through the hotel phoned up the Manager and asked: “are poor, I have a difficult situation, a lonely man. The only thing that pleases me is the TV, which recently broke down. Can Philip to help me with the repairs?” As soon as he found out about it, then asked to buy a new big TV, and Bedros personally brought it to this grandmother. And how many children he healed, how many have helped…