Sean Penn’s new novel

У Шона Пенна новый роман

After parting ways with Hollywood actress Charlize Theron last summer, Sean Penn was seen in the company of his longtime girlfriend Kelly Mincey< /strong>. He even managed to ascribe an affair with her, but sources claimed that the famous Director is still trying to regain his fiancée Charlize, and with 35-year-old actress they are just friends.

It is also assumed that these news Sean tries to invoke jealousy in his ex-girlfriend and return her that way.
Now, when it became obvious that Theron they are no longer together, Shonn decided to try and relationship with Minkai. A few days ago they both came out to the opening ceremony of the Institute of immunotherapy and cancer Parker (Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy), which was held in Los Angeles.
On the red carpet of Sean and minka appeared separately, however, sat at one table and spent the entire evening with conversation. They tried to hide from the paparazzi, and I must say, they succeeded. According to eyewitnesses, left the ceremony they are together.
Officially, Sean and Mina right now. Last fall, Kelly was seen in the company of her ex-boyfriend Chris Evans, with whom they parted, then resumed their relationship, however, evidence that they are together now, no.

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