Sculptors have created a monument to Jeanne Friske. THE FIRST PHOTO

Скульпторы создали памятник Жанне Фриске. ПЕРВЫЕ ФОТО Actress six months were looking for masters who can transmit her image. Sculptors are yet to finalize some details, but generally close to the late singer approved the work. “StarHit” publishes exclusive pictures from the workshop.

      Скульпторы создали памятник Жанне Фриске. ПЕРВЫЕ ФОТО

      Last week, the singer’s mother Olga and sister Natalia went to look at the results. In March, the folks hired the first master. But neither he nor two other sculptors are unable to accurately convey a portrait likeness.

      “Important for us that the sculpture turned out like, passed what Jeanne was in life, – said Natasha with “StarHit”. – A month ago, the man who did the pedestal on the grave, recommended us to contact Levon Manukyan and Ivan Volkov. I talked to them on the phone. They offered to make “sketches” from clay by hand, not easy to draw on the computer 3D-model, as did the others.”

      Work on the monument began on 5 September. “The face – the most difficult, – admitted Lavon. – Sculpted from photos that were sent Natasha. We have prepared four options. One attached to the body, the other placed on stands. Sculpting in clay is made in the natural growth of Jeanne – 165 cm plus 5 cm high heels”.

      Скульпторы создали памятник Жанне Фриске. ПЕРВЫЕ ФОТО

      -No, – first, said Olga.

      – The eye is too convex, – made a comment Natasha.

      And eyelids heavy. Mom, how about in General? I think if you fix some things, then the result will very well.

      – I would not like to dress so heavily covered figure. You need to add a small Slavic back. Her fingers were much smaller. Nogotochki very beautiful, and the handle small.

      – Mom, she has your hands, by the way. And the back of an envelope here sharp, and Joan they were rounded. And hips wider, do they have it feminine. But here just the athlete.

      Скульпторы создали памятник Жанне Фриске. ПЕРВЫЕ ФОТО

      Expressing comments on a figure, mother and sister Friske began to study faces. In all four samples found something in common with Jeanne, in the end I chose one and asked him to elaborate. It will be ready in two to three weeks. Under the sculpture on the grave already has a pedestal of white granite.

      Скульпторы создали памятник Жанне Фриске. ПЕРВЫЕ ФОТО“We also install arch and black plate: not yet understand that it will be written,” continues Natasha Friske. In June last year at the funeral of Joan the Pope approached by an unknown man and given a sheet with inspirational verses about sister. He gave Kirkorov. The emotions said, “This should be on the headstone”. My father lodged this thought. And we don’t want. From the author of the poems we do not know personally. Besides, Joan is your songs, the words of which can be used. Ideally, it would be to do, as in the tomb of Lyudmila Gurchenko: just get her autograph”.
      Скульпторы создали памятник Жанне Фриске. ПЕРВЫЕ ФОТО

      To erect a monument to family planning in a quiet environment. “Fans and whole days are in the cemetery, – has shared with “StarHit” Olga Friske. – Jeanne would mind too much pathos, in the end she tired of it. Just collect the closest. Now that things have settled down, we normally feel. Finally, we stopped pinching”.