Орущая и шатающаяся Евгения Добровольская напугала своих детей The actress in the program “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova told about what hardships her family endured, when the famous mother’s day was lost on the set or in the theater. In recognition Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, sons and daughter was sometimes shocked by her roles.

Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya is one of the most successful Actresses of theatre and cinema. Wide audience the artist remembered after roles in films and serials “midlife Crisis”, “Moscow, I love you!”, “The irony of fate. Continuation”, “Real father”, “Peter Leshchenko. All that was…”, “Artist”.

Dobrovolska was officially married three times. In marriage, the actress gave birth to sons Stephen, Nicholas and Ian. In the third Union – to the cameraman does Manannikova in 2009 was born the daughter Anastasia. Mother of many children talked about the difficulties of parenting.

“The understanding of the horror that they endured, I realized then. Of course, I’ll be honest: mother-in-law, none took my kids to help. I had a lot of divorces. Women often say: “Here! I’m not giving him a child!” And I was wrong: no one took it,” he told the actress.

Dobrovolskaya rarely allow children to be present on the set. Some scenes from the movies are sometimes shocked teenagers.

“I played terrible, but the kids decided to see how I’m doing. And there, in this movie “At the bottom”… I don’t know how much I screamed, but I remember their children, which was pushed into the wall. Then they told me: “You are at home and just yell”, – said Dobrovolskaya.

Eugene noted that often rehearses the images of characters out of theater and movie set. The actress is constantly trying to get into his character. “If I’m working on a role, I have everything is subject only to her. I remember taking out of the garden and the theater at this time we put the show “Village of fools”, I play an alcoholic Lyubka. Go, weave, Nastya asks me: “Mom, are you drunk?!” – admitted Eugene.

The actress also said that was never abused sons and a daughter grades in school. According to the star mother, in the paternal home, the child should feel comfortable and the nerves had enough and in school.

“They know me, you know, even lift eyebrows, what is my mood. Any sign system has already been developed between us. What to do? Just if some problems in school, who will protect the child, who will understand? It should be a place of peace, it is the house. He does not understand the triangle, the time will come, it will be necessary to him – will understand!” – said Eugene.