Скотт Иствуд рассказал о трагической смерти своей любимой
The son of Clint Eastwood may never recover from the shock.

Scott Eastwood

During his recent interview with the Australian
the publication GQ, Scott Eastwood, the son of the living Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, told heartbreaking
the story about the ridiculous death of his girlfriend. This death is so shocked young
the talented actor that he even can’t how to start
to meet someone else.

Scott, who managed to conquer the hearts of no one
famous beauties, including model Brittany Brousseau, actress Jeno Kramer
the infamous girl Sara Lil, which collapsed the marriage of demi Moore with
Ashton Kutcher, some time ago
met with the usual girl that was very much in love. And here
suddenly, he lost it!

“She died in a car accident. Me before
ever lose a friend. But it was a completely different case, we were bound
do a very close relationship…” admitted Scott. According to the actor,
the death of his girlfriend was the result of a freak accident. His girlfriend at the time
collision with another car, which was not too serious, was
behind the wheel of his car. From blow its airbag is activated. But the device
turned out to be defective. Instead of taking work as it should, pillow
exploded. And the fragments of its lid punched through the body of the poor… Friend
Eastwood died on the spot even before arrival “fast”…

“It hurt so bad that I can’t even
the courage to Express your condolences to her father. I just don’t
was able to find the words…” – said Scott. Having gone through this drama he, according to the actor,
since then can not fall in love again…

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