Scientologists believe that in the daughter of Tom cruise lives a demon

Сайентологи уверены, что в дочери Тома Круза живёт демон

It seems that Tom cruise has finally lost touch with reality. Sources close to the star of the screen, report that the famous “rinse the brain” in a Scientology Church, that now he is sure – in his ten-year daughter Suri settled the demon, and his duty is to expel evil spirits through exorcism.

While Cruz has not seen his child born in wedlock with actress Katie Holmes from September 2013 and not even congratulated the girl with the decade. Insiders said that Tom is going to reconnect with her daughter only after she finished the ritual of “purification from evil spirits” in the Church of Scientology.
One of the insiders said that the leader of the Church David Miscavige told Tom that his only biological child possessed by an evil spirit, known as the Thetan, which has the girl’s body.
“Cruz is so passionate about the Church and what he is told its leaders that does not require any proof of their words. Those who are on the hook just like That, confident in the leaders ‘ words and stick to what they say. The doctrine of Scientology insists on the absolute purification, consisting of several stages. The only way a Thetan can leave the body” — said Gary Morehead, the former head of the personal security team Tom.
As previously reported, the defection of the former wife cruise Katie Holmes from the Church is in the religious organizations Supreme sin, the daughter of otstupny can be a potential problem, and because the actor stopped communicating with Suri. No matter how Katie tried to make her daughter the perfect birthday, most of all she wanted to see this father’s day, but he not only sent a gift, but didn’t even call to congratulate her.
At the same time, That leaves no hope to send Suri to Scientology school where she will receive education in the environment sect, but given the categorical attitude of Holmes, it’s not happening.
Recall that after the divorce of celebrities Katie through the court forbade him to drive daughter to Church, and after that cruise distanced himself from his only blood child.

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