Scientists: the spirits are dangerous to health

Ученые: духи опасны для здоровья

Chemical additives, which are used in perfumery, negatively affect the skin condition and health.

Open to British scientists, women makeup bag – it’s like that goat in the garden! You will always find something to complain about. At this time the victim fell spirits.

Did you know that your favorite scent may not be fragrant, but to be the cause of allergies, dermatitis, eczema and even fainting? So, if you believe the luminaries of science from Albion, it’s true.

Scientists have tested the several kinds of spirits and came to a disappointing conclusion: manufacturers are added to the aromatic liquid is too many chemical components, which are allergens.

Substances contained in the perfume, can give its owner not only fruity or floral trail, but skin rashes, and even reward cough, shortness of breath, dizziness and other troubles. And suffer not only the owner of the ill-fated perfume, but also those who will simply be there for her to inhale the fumes.

What are we now to throw away all flavorful bottles? The answer is “Yes” would British scientists, they believe the most secure option.

But if you can’t live without spirits, then there is a solution – just test any smell in the store sprayed a small amount on your wrist. If during the day the scent will not cause you any inconvenience, it can safely buy.