Scientists: the rich also cry, but live longer than the poor

Ученые: богатые тоже плачут, но живут дольше бедных

Impressive figure brought American scientists: it turns out that the financial well-being adds life to as many as 15 years!

Of course, the fact that health still money can buy (at least in some cases), is beyond doubt. And a direct link well-being with longevity also seems obvious. But who would have thought that adds richness to life as much as fifteen years!

U.S. scientists conducted a study whose results were published in the journal of the American medical Association. Experts have studied the statistics on the country from 2001 to 2014 and came to the conclusion: 1% of the richest Americans live on average 15 years longer than 1% of the poorest. However, this applies to men, in women, this difference is less than 10 years.

In addition, the rich more, there is impressive progress: over the same period the life expectancy increased by 3 years, while among the poor this figure increased only by 0.32 years for males and only by 0.04 years for women.

The reasons are obvious: the rich can afford quality medical care, they have more opportunities to do sports and eat well. Yes and my health more seriously they are, after all, the status obliges.

Well, this is a great incentive for someone who wants to earn good money. And he debunks the myth that big money turn into big problems. Anyway, as it turned out, is not concerned.

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