Scientists: the hearts of dogs and their owners beat in unison

Ученые: сердца собак и их хозяев бьются в унисон

Researchers at the University of Melbourne unveiled the results of an interesting experiment.

In the experiment participated three dogs and their owners.

Scientists have connected to each examinee sensors that measure the heart rate, and began to watch what happens with the pulse of the Pets and people when they are in different areas and then join each other. The result of the experience impressed everyone!

At parting the hearts of dogs and their owners started beating fast, and when they are reunited – in unison! Of course, the pulse on the pet and the person was different (their heart muscle is reduced with different speed), but the rhythm coincided almost 100%.

“The rhythmic pulse model dog and hosaina match. It’s amazing,” – said researcher MIA Cobb from the University of Melbourne Monash.

And then noted that this fact means that a dog can rescue a person from a hypertensive crisis or even a heart attack. “Our ability to normalize the heart rhythm with the help of communicating with animals can be really useful,” – said MIA Cobb.

Earlier researchers argued that the presence of a pet, especially a dog, has a positive effect on human health: pet rescues from depression, and with regular walks helps the owner to keep in shape.

Also a dog, according to a study of the journal Anthrozoös, increases the chances of single people to find their soul mate. Don’t believe? Read more HERE.

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