Scientists: stress in men think about sex more often

Ученые: в стрессе мужчины думают о сексе еще чаще

I think it’s in their debauchery? But, no!

The stereotype that men are much more fixated on sex, tenacious. You can agree with this, if you want to argue… however, Scientists are still undecided. But because with enviable frequency drop arguments in favor of one or the other point of view. And recently joined the discussion experts from the United States.

The staff of the Ohio state University conducted a study and concluded that men think about sex on 45 percent more often than women. And explained this different response to stress. And laid at the genetic level even in primitive times!

According to experts, during times of stress a woman experiences is much stronger than a man. It makes her completely focus on solving problems and not be distracted by extraneous matter.

In men, the reaction mechanism for trouble is completely different. In case of danger they have on the machine turns on the instinct of reproduction, which would let them to survive, so at least leave behind offspring. And no matter what kind of stress in question – the invasion of mammoths or jobs involving all hands at work.

By the way, recently experts from Arizona estimated that men indulge in erotic fantasies as much as the average 5 hours a day! And now we know that it is inherited from prehistoric ancestors, genetic memory, without which, according to scientists, humanity simply would not have survived.

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