Scientists: obesity can be transmitted

Ученые: ожирением можно заразиться

Experts have proven that bacteria overweight there are!

You thought you can catch only a cold? But, no! Was hooking up with you… and weight!

Just standing in the Elevator or the subway next to the luxurious lady, of course you will not come home two sizes larger. But with more closely – it is.

Scientists have found that one third of intestinal microorganisms produce spores that can survive outdoors. That is slender man may pick up bacteria and become infected to complete obesity.

According to researchers, the discovery explains why the extra weight comes from all family members. And, as you know, it’s not just genes, but also in a joint household, which can be infected by bacteria, for example, in the bathroom or toilet.

However, British experts are not only scared, but also hard at work on solving the problem. And soon ready to introduce their new wonder-drug that, almost at the behest of a magic wand, will make all of us slim and beautiful.

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